Folk Dances


Bhangra is the most popular Punjabi folk dance of all the Punjabi’s, previously it was played at the time of harvesting season. But now it has acquired social & secular character. Bhangra has become the heart & soul of each and every function. Bhangra is most popular & one of most ancient folk dances of Punjab State. It’s danced with the rhythmic beats of a big drum called Dhol, Flute (Algoje) & Chimta etc. With each new beat dancers change their steps & execute many variations of the dance using some traditional instruments such as Khunde, Chhikkey (Supp) etc. The costume of Bhangra include common dress of peasants comprising a printed or a plain cloth (Chaadra), a loose shirt (Kurta), a velvet waist coat (Jacket) & a colourful Turban (Pagri) & waist best. A loose necklace with golden beads called (Kaintha) is the male jewellary.


Giddha is a popular folk dance of women in Punjab region of India. The dance is often considered derived from the ancient dance known as the ring dance and is just as energetic as bhangra, at the same time it manages to creatively display feminine grace, elegance and flexibility. It is a very colourful dance form which is now performed in all regions of the country. Women perform this dance mainly at festive or social occasions like marriages, teej, jaago etc. The dance is followed by rhythmic clapping and a typical traditional folk song (boliyan) by ladies. Traditionally women used to wear Salwar Kameez in the same colours and jewellery. The attire is completed by wearing a tikka on the forehead.


Sammi is another female folk dance of Sandal Bar, now in Pakistan. Sammi, the heroine along with her friends dance together with Songs of Love. The dancers are dressed in bright coloured kurtas and full flowing skirts called lehengas. A peculiar silver hair ornament is associated with this dance.


Jhoomar is a male dance performed in the area between Ravi & Chenab. It is a slow & natural dance performed with full intoxication & imitating the actions of ladies. Late Pokhar Singh & his friends have made this dance popular in Malwa region of Punjab. This dance has also been integrated into Bhangra. The costume of Jhoomar includes cloth (Dabbi wala Chaadra), a loose shirt (Kurta), & a colourful Turban (Pagri). A loose necklace with golden beads called (Kaintha) is the male jewellary.


Malwai Giddha is a dance of Malwa region. Most of the old persons dance Malwai Gidhha with the help of Punjabi Folk instruments. One of the dancers starts it by singing in the middle of semi circle & backing vocal by all the dancers & in the end of the boli singing, the climax comes with the playing all the instruments together.


Jindua is an another folk dance of Punjab. It is performed by the couple with their conversation with the help of Love Songs, but now the days it is performed with the dance steps & singing by couples for expressing their feelings about each other.